This part of the story begins when the Church that the Rev. Ndagijimana Fulgence was serving in Burundi got attacked by government forces in October of 2015. A few days later, he was kidnaped from the church office , taken to an unkwown destination, got tortured and was only saved by police officers who clearly were not part of the plan.

One would have hoped that it ended there. The next day, new charges were brought, his executionners were released and he was jailed. He was later released after tremendous pressure from Unitarian and Universalists around the world. He left Burundi and ended up in Canada where he was reunited with his family.

When he left the country, some of his church members were harassed and a big part of the church membership left the country as well. They are now refugees in different parts of the world especially in East Africa.

When he was in Jail, a church member brought copies of the signed petition to keep his hope alive and to let him know that people who know him and many who don’t are working hard to get him released.

Since it was hard to put faces on the petition, the image of a « Flaming Chalice » kept coming to his mind a symbol of a life giving service that keeps hope alive.

From Canada, he organized support for refugees to get education, start small businesses and respond to emergencies.

An Organization was set up to respond to these needs « Flaming Chalice International, FCI » was the chosen name. In May of 2018, FCI became a registered charity in Canada.